About Casey's Curio

West Higland Way, Scotland 2014

Welcome to Casey's Curio!


       Hello, I'm Casey Jacky the founder, designer, and overall one-woman show of Casey's Curio.


I started Casey's Curio in 2019 after I began designing my own cross stitch. My mom taught me the joys of cross stitch when I was 7 (that is over thirty years ago now!), and I have used it as my meditation and therapy ever since. I like to work on all sorts of projects, big and small, useful or just decorative, and from many different themes and genres.


The patterns that you will find for sale here have been inspired by my time living in Scotland since 2014. I have a love of history, nature, and art, and I have found so much beauty and inspiration from my travels around Scotland. If you are interested in similar things, take a look through my blog where you will find my landscape pictures, information on Scottish history, cross stitch inspiration, finishing tips, and tutorials.


I also love to paint and play with other crafts such as sewing and embroidery, so they may make an appearance as other curiosities to explore.

I hope you enjoy your time on my little piece of the internet and find your own inspiration and creativity.

Have a look at my Shop and Blog to find out more.

You will notice I have not put any ads on the site, and I will never sell any of your information or emails.  This means you can enjoy Casey's Curio without being tracked, sold to (other than by me) or spammed with unwanted emails.  This also means that my only source of income for Casey's Curio is my Shop so please consider buying a pattern.


If you would like to buy me a coffee or a few skeins of thread instead, I have set a up a Ko-Fi account for any tips you may want to offer.  Please don't feel like you need to send me money in order to enjoy the site, I'll be just as happy with a blog comment, you sharing my site with fellow stitchers, or seeing your finished Casey's Curio designs.