Personnel of Casey's Curio

Role: Supreme Leader

Gizmo is a dedicated employee.  His main function is making sure no one sleeps past 6 in the morning, usually closer to 4.  He excels at killing string, rubber bands, and his little rat thing, and he proudly returns the ‘dead thing’ time after time, so that you can make it ‘alive’ again.  He has a passion for cat nip and long naps in his tower.  He occasionally assists with projects by napping on his assistant's stool.

Muncher of Spiders

Sir Gizmo,

Role: Everything Else


Casey is in charge of providing Sir Gizmo with fresh water and food at the appropriate times, as well as cat nip and entertainment on demand. She also runs this site, designs the patterns, and writes the blog.

Casey's Curio

1B Colville Place

Aberdeen, Scotland


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