How To: Speedwell or Cat's Een Stitch into a Coin Purse

Speedwell or Cat's Een Design Story

Part of the daily routine, that I try to stick to in order to improve my health, is a walk of however far I can manage to go. Most days I only make it a little ways and one place I visit often is the cemetery that is in view of the North Sea in Aberdeen. I wish I had the energy to make it down to the beach everyday, but I usually have to settle for only seeing the sea from a distance. I can make it to the beach, but the walk home is sometimes too much.

North Sea, Cemetery, Broadhill, Sun Rise
North Sea at Sunrise 2020

On one of my daily walks during April, it was extra sunny and very hot so I had to sit under a tree in the shade to cool off before making my way back home. I saw a little blue flower next to me. It was so delicate and pretty, that I took one home to identify. I should note I only picked the flower because it is in the part of the grass that is usually cut, and I wasn't sure when they were going to mow. I thought having one would make it easier to identify than just having a photo.

The flower is called a speedwell and is quite common in the British Isles. There are many varieties of speedwells, and I'm not completely sure which variety I encountered (my plant identification skills need some work), but I think it was a germander speedwell. . They are usually found in hedgerows,