My Story Since Scotland

Welcome back to my introduction thankfully, this part is a bit more upbeat than the first part. As I mentioned in part one, I started looking into my genealogy in my late 20's. I had a few notes that my mom had left from talking with her mom, and a lot of things from my dad's side. I always knew that my dad's side was German, so I was able to find where my great grandparents emigrated to the states in the 1890s and before. I also was able to learn quite a bit about my mom's side which I think she would have loved to had learned about.

My maternal grandmother had two immigrant patents. My great grandmother Agnes Cogle from Shetland and Samuel Currie from Northern Ireland. The most interesting part of Agnes's story was unknown to me until I took a closer look at the details. Agnes left Shetland where she and as many generations as I can find (currently 1671 is my earliest verified ancestor in Shetland), in 1908 at the age of 33. This was the less than a year after her mother died at the age of 74. Agnes' father had died 5 years before, and all of her brothers and sisters save one had married or moved to America, Australia, and other parts of Scotland. She was on a her own for the journey that took 8 days on a steamship called the Caledonia. Her name is misspelled (as many other's where) as Coghill because that's how you say Cogle. She was joining her sister Catherine that emigrated in 1902 and was living on a farm with her Irish husband in western NY. Agnes married one of the brothers of her Irish brother-in law in Oct of the following year, 1909 and had my grandma the year after and 3 other daughters too. I'm telling you all this firstly because I think it is so interesting to think about what Agnes must have been going through over a hundred years ago, and how her journey led to my grandma, my mom, and me. Secondly Agnes' story inspired me to make my own cross ocean journey. I'm so very glad I as able to fly though, as I am absolutely horrible on boats. Unless I'm doing the rowing, no matter how calm the water, I will be sick.

Now back to my story...

From about 2007 onward, while living in SC, VA, and then back to SC, I started going to some of the many local Celtic/Scottish festivals. This is how I discovered the band