Drumtroddan Standing Stone and Galaxy

Drumtroddan Standing Stone and Galaxy


Original acrylic landscape painting on canvas board. Drumtroddan Galaxy painting is an original creation by Casey Jacky in 2018, and comes without a frame.

My inspiration for the painting was a visit to the Drumtrodden Stones with a friend in 2018. There was plenty of mist and fog when we visited, along with mud, but I decied to create a painting of the stones under the Milky Way with a hint of northern lights.

Originally there were at least three stones standing upright, but only one is still in a standing position. The stones are in the middle of a nice farmer's field so a little hard to find, but they are defiantly worth the exploration to see.   It is thought that the stones were part of a cermimonail site for observing the sun and moon, so choosen theme seems fitting.  If you are interested in seeing the stones, you can find their location here.

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